Custom Seating

Power Seating Measurements Are Available
UltraLow Maxx Modular System UltraLow Classic Modular System F-Series System 
The all new UltraLow Maxx combines function, durability and good looks. More than just another pretty face, the Maxx is a real-world solution, providing maximum function and adjustment for the full life time of the system.
 The UltraLow Classic System is an evolutionary and highly versatile power positioning system that offers the lowest possible seat-to-floor heights on CG tilt, tilt/recline and elevate systems A functional tilt only system made especially for today’s unique funding situations with all the fundamental features and flexibility found with Motion Concepts products. 
Bariatric System Pediatric System Recline System 
The Bariatric positioning system is designed to accommodate the varying needs of today’s larger clients. The expandable Pediatric system offers a variety of power positioning options and modularity for children. The Recline function enables users to infinitely change the seat to back angle of their system within a set range. Most recline systems extend 
up to 174°.
Tilt System Elevate System Precline System 
The Tilt function enables the wheelchair user to infinitely change their position by tilting a fixed seat frame around an axis of rotation of up to 55°. The Elevate module allows the user to raise their entire power positioning system 6", 7" or above the lowest seat-to-floor height of their system. Precline is an option available with recline systems. It adjusts the back angle of the seating system into a forward position and, in effect, sandwiches the client to aid with posterior tilt. 
Interface System Uplift System Assist System 
The Interface system is an innovative CG Tilt interface especially designed for use with the manufacturers’ rehab seat. The Uplift system is designed to assist clients with forward transfers. This system can achieve a near standing position by mechanically opening the back angle and extending the platform while the seat is lifted forward.a Anterior Assist is available on our tilt and tilt/recline UltraLow CG system and offers anterior (forward) tilt about a fixed axis. The rear position of the seat remains constant while the front lowers 5° - 10°. 
Anterior Tilt System Lateral Tilt System Horizontal Tilt 
Anterior Tilt is available as a stand alone system or an optional power module on UltraLow CG tilt system. The rear of the entire system tilts forward up to 30° to assist clients with forward transfers. Our Lateral Tilt module enables a tilt or tilt/recline system to tilt laterally (side to side) in up to 15° either direction.a The Horizontal Tilt system is an innovative highly adjustable power positioning system that can be configured for a client to operate in a prone, supine or side lying position. 
Latitude System Attitude System Multi-Position Stander (MPS) 
Latitude system enables a rehab seat to lower all the way to floor level providing a ramp for slide transfers. A separate power platform lowers to almost ground level and flips back towards the seat pan which decreases footprint of a chair to assists with independent transfers. The new Multi-Position Stander (MPS) is an innovative, highly adjustable system combining power standing and a full range of power positioning options in a package that provides a unique combination of independence, function and accessibility.