Is your wheelchair as hard as a rock? Then try one of our wheelchair cushions. We have many to choose from. The High Resiliency Foam Cushion is designed for patient comfort. It is inflatable and it undergoes a unique sculpting process for greater air circulation, through its foam core. We also have Comfort Pressure Redistribution Wheelchair Cushions. It is a soft foam cushion, which features a fluid proof, easy to clean cover. It is designed to reduce stress to the pressure points, thereby reducing discomfort. This Medline comfort cushion adds comfort and support to any wheelchair. The best are the Gel Foam Cushions. They are very durable and easy to clean. Gel Foam Cushions are designed to fit most standard wheelchairs. They are designed to provide optimal comfort and pressure relief, for all-day sitting. Most cushions work by distributing the patient’s body weight evenly. However the gel cushion gives patients an especially stable feeling. This is because the gel is similar to a patient’s adipose tissue (fat layers). Because this gel is very thick, it minimizes leakage, even if the cushion is punctured.