Manual wheelchairs are light weight and easy to transport. They weigh about 40 lbs. for easy lifting and fold up easily. They can be stored in a closet or in your car. Manual wheelchairs are small enough to fit through most doorways and usually weigh about 40 lbs. for easy lifting. They are ideal for home use, especially older homes with narrow halls and doorways. Most of them have solid rubber tires that won't mar wooden floors. Which is good because buffing wooden floors is time consuming and expensive. Most manual wheelchairs also come with swing-away leg rests that have retaining straps. These straps keep your legs from getting dragged underneath the chair, which can be painful and cause further injury. They are also the preferred means of patient transport for most hospitals and retirement homes. This is because they are cheap, light weight, and can be stored easily. However power chairs and scooters are a great way of getting around. The big difference between power chairs and scooters, is that scooters are made for outdoor use. Because they are good when riding long distance. It is like taking a long walk in the park or you can go jogging around the pond with a friend. They are great when you are traveling. They fit easily into the back of a pick up truck or a mini van. Which makes them perfect for travelers exploring the United States. Power Chairs are made for day to day use. They are great for getting to work, for getting around the house and for getting on public transportation. Owing to their utility, they are what most handicapped people use on a daily basis. Some power chairs have been designed to go over the curbs stones in a side walk. They can travel at speeds exceeding five miles an hour. They can even be used on narrow dirt rode’s and woodland pathways. When purchasing or renting a wheel chair or scooter you must first asses what your needs are. Do you need something you can use to go exploring? Perhaps something you can use on a day to day basis? Or would you prefer some thing you can just fold up and stick in the closet. Or just give us a call at 617 337 5133 and we will help you to explore your options.