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T3 Vision

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Electric Stand-up Vehicle
Part Number: 751

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Joining the highly-regarded T3 Patroller is the smaller T3 Vision. With a narrower width of 29.5 inches/74.9 cm, the T3 Vision is designed for interior-style patrols and will fit through any doorway, regardless of whether it opens outwards or in. The three-wheeled T3 Vision is designed to be inherently more stable and far safer than typical two-wheeled gyroscopic self-balancing scooters.

The T3 Vision also comes standard with Front suspension to smooth out transitions like curb cutouts, speed bumps, parking structure seams, and rough surfaces. It also has a twin rear hydraulic disc brakes for impressive stopping power.

Featuring the revolutionary patented T3 Motion interchangeable battery system, the T3 Vision is multi-shift, 24/7 capable. And for customers who already own T3 Patrollers, the T3 Motion charger can charge both the T3 Patroller and T3 Vision batteries using the same charger--perfect for mixed fleet deployments like airports, malls, events, and campuses.

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T3 Vision Applications:
  • Airports/Transportation Centers
  • Sporting/Entertainment Venues
  • Hotels/Resorts/Casinos
  • Retail/Lifestyle Centers/Malls
  • Lifestyle Branding
  • EMS/Fire
  • Military/Government Facilities
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • Campuses/Museums
  • Special/Community Events
  • Warehouses/Large Buildings
  • Deliveries
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    T3 Vision Features:
  • Front Suspension
  • Up to 12 mph/19 km/h Top Speed
  • Speed Settings: 5/8/10 mph (8/12/16 km/h) or Full Speed
  • Up to 20 miles/32 km per Battery Set
  • Up to 4 hours Recharge Time
  • 7.5-inch/19 cm Elevated Platform
  • Narrower Width for Increased Access
  • Industry-best, Military-grade Rider's Mat
  • Rear Disc Brakes + LED Brake Lights
  • Standard On- + Off-board Charger
  • Roto-molded Rider's Area
  • Durable Front Fender
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    T3 Vision Benefits:
  • Unlimited Range/Multi-shift Capable
  • Stable 3-wheeled Platform
  • Command Presence
  • Force Multiplier
  • Law Enforcement-compliant LED Lighting
  • Less than Zero-degree Turning Radius
  • Can U-turn Inside a Standard Elevator
  • Zero Gas Emissions
  • Virtually Silent
  • Cost-Effective
  • ROI Potential in as Little as 18 Months
  • Wedge-shaped for Use in Crowds
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