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Kaye Kinder and Classroom Chairs

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The Kaye Kinder Chair is designed as an adjustable seat that can be used to help ensure the user is positioned properly while sitting.

These are available in the following combinations:

  • The K1 is designed as a stand-alone unit.
  • The K2 is designed to be used at standard tables.
  • K3 is available for older children.

    Pelvic-Femoral Support:

  • Model KFS
  • Fits any Kinder Chair
  • Provides additional stability and alignment for the user’s pelvis, legs, and lower body.

    Caster Base:

  • Model K1CB for the K1
  • Model K2CB for the K2 or K2+T
  • 4″, locking, swivel casters
  • Includes replacement legs to attach the caster base
  • Will not alter the chair height.

    Footrest Extension:

  • Model KCFRE
  • Fits any Kinder Chair
  • Adds 7″ to the distance between the footrest and the seat.
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