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ROHO® Custom Cushion

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Specific individuals may require a ROHO® cushion which is designed to meet their unique needs. Many standard cushions may be custom designed with any combination of the following techniques:
  • Vary number of valves / compartments.
  • Vary cell heights.
  • Add or delete cell rows beyond dimensions of standard size models.
  • Remove sections.
  • Customizable to have between 36 to 160 cells.
  • Smaller than 36 cells or greatere than 160 cells are priced upon request.

  • Lateral support cushions which attach directly to wheelchair lateral supports.
  • Custom-molded seating inserts, which fit inside custom molded seats to offer the individual increased tissue protection and reduced shock, impact, friction and shear.
  • Saddle cushions, both western and English models. Custom made to design specifications to minimize shock, impact, friction and shear.
  • Scooter cushion is designed to fit, or be adapted to standard 3-wheel scooters.

    *Medicare code: E2609

    Includes: custom cushion, cover, instructions, repair kit
    Height: varies; based on customization
    Weight: varies; based on customization
    Weight Limit: varies; based on customization
    Warranty: 24 Month Limited Warranty. Cover: 6 Month Limited Warranty.
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