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Have you heard? DJO Global is one of the largest compression stocking manufacturers in the U.S.

The newest member of the DJO Global family is a leading OEM manufacturer of compression stockings. The VenaFlow AES offering represents more than 15 years of experience in the production and design of Anti-Embolism Stockings.

Designed with quality, fi t and safety in mind, the VenaFlow Anti Embolism stockings are key in preventing VTE. They enhance venous fl ow velocity while keeping patients comfortable during and after their hospital stay.

• Interrupted silicone thigh band minimizes stocking slippage without constricting compression.
• Inspection toe hole facilitates checking the condition of the foot and skin and reduces infection or contamination if ambulatory.
• Popliteal break promotes free leg movement and comfort around the popliteal vein.
• Color coded toe provides an easy visual for product sizing.
• Inlay circular knit ensures proper pressure pattern through the leg and helps prevent slippage.

Indication: For the prevention of thrombus formation.

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