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The XLR Plus is a mid-size power chair that is design for the daily user. It sports a mid-wheel drive system and has the added stability of having six points of contact with the ground. The XLR Plus also has our stable four post seating system and full independent suspension system for smooth drive operation that will handle most driving surfaces. The unit has easy battery access, adjustable footplate, arm rest and 300 lb. weight capacity.

• Luxurious leatherette seat
• Front and Rear suspension
• Features a responsive VSI controller
• Stable four post seating system
• Reclining seat and adjustable seat height
• Adjustable length, height and angle foot plate
• Adjustable width, height and flip-up arm rest
• Midwheel drive maneuverability
• 10” wheels
• 300 lb. capacity

Technical specifications:

Max. Speed: 5 mph
Range: 21.3 - 23.8 miles
Turn Radius: 18”
Battery: 12V50AH x 2
Front Wheel: 2, 6”
Rear Wheel: 2, 5”
Base Width: 22"
Base Length: 36"

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