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Introducing Shoprider's top of line FLAGSHIP scooter. The name says it all. The ultra exclusive FLAGSHIP will satisfy those with discriminating taste for only the very best. Expecting inclement weather? No problem. The FLAGSHIP's stylish canopy enclosure provides comfortable, all season transportation. Sturdy, key locking and removable doors provide security as well as convertibility. The FLAGSHIP also comes standard with a fully operational lighting system, full suspension for a luxurious ride, even a windscreen wiper/washer system with reservoir. Trade in the Rolls-Royce for your FLAGSHIP today.

• 350 lb. weight capacity

• Front and rear suspension

• Doors on both sides

• Wiper and rear view mirrors are standard equip

• Genuine automotive windshield for climate safety

• Windshield wiper, automatic wiper fluid, and rear view mirrors are standard equipment

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