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ROHO® HIGH PROFILE® Sensor Ready™ Cushion

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ROHO® HIGH PROFILE® Single Compartment Cushion with Sensor Ready™ Technology is an adjustable, air-filled, cellular-design, wheelchair support surface that utilizes DRY FLOATATION® technology and is intended to conform to an individual's seated shape to provide skin/soft tissue protection and an enviroment to facilitate wound healing.

Sensor Ready The ROHO Sensor Ready™ HIGH PROFILE® Cushion comes standard with a quick disconnect port that allows the cushion to connect to Smart Check; the world’s first personal electronic cushion security device, that is used to set up and monitor an individual’s inflation range.

Shape Fitting® The cellular design allows the cushion to track movements of the body and constantly conform to it. The cells adapt to meet unique skin/soft tissue integrity needs throughout the day.

Skin Protection Proven with over forty years of research, experience and refinement, ROHO DRY FLOATATION® Technology provides an individual with unparalleled skin/soft tissue protection.

Smart Check Product Features:
  • Works exclusively with ROHO® Sensor Ready™ HIGH PROFILE® and MID PROFILE™ Single Valve Cushions
  • Press to check inflation monitor
  • Stores individual’s inflation range
  • Unlimited frequency to check / ability to check whenever & wherever
  • Affordable, portable and durable
  • Two setup modes: Smart Setup and Optional Setup
  • Ability to reset – can store new inflation level for individual’s physiological changes over time
  • No weight limit – when Sensor Ready Cushion is properly sized to the individual
  • Easy to read faceplate with ergonomic shape
  • Easy to connect and disconnect- detachable for storage
  • Lightweight and reliabl e with automatic power off
  • Batteries available globally at retail outlets
  • Long battery life with low battery indicator
  • Multiple cover options for Sensor Ready Cushions
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

    *Medicare code: Cushion Only: E2622 and E2623

    Construction: cushion: Flame-resistant, black neoprene made without latex; Standard Cover: Two-way stretch top with a non-skid bottom. Heavy Duty Cover: fluid resistant with non-skid bottom.
    Includes: HIGH PROFILE Sensor Ready Cushion, cover (two options available), hand inflation pump, repair kit, operation manual, and product registration card.
    Height: Approx. 4 1/4 in. / 10.5 without load cm.
    Weight: Varies by size, approx. 3 1/4 lbs / 1.5 kg
    Weight Limit: There is no weight limit, yet the cushion must be properly sized to the individual.
    Warranty: Cushion & Smart Check: 24 month Limited Warranty. Cover: 6 Month Limited Warranty. For additional warranty information please refer to the Operation Manual.
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