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Philips Sleepware G3 with Somnolyzer more than just a diagnostic software

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Sleepware G3 with Somnolyzer powers both our Alice in-lab and portable sleep testing devices. When it comes to diagnosing your patients, Sleepware G3 offers easy-to-use capabilities that supports extensive workflow efficiencies.

Exclusive autoSV Composite Channel Display
The direct connection of the Omnilab Advance + allows for digital integration with Alice 6, eliminating the need for channel calibrations and multiple cable connections. Omnilab Advanced +, when used with Alice 6, offers an exclusive therapy composite channel that is helpful for complex titrations. This channel automatically captures all relevant features pertaining to the settings you need to see.

Optional Services
Cloud Services, Citrix support, Inbound, Outbound and Bidrectional HL7 interface to EMR, and Somnolyzer scoring.

Powers in-lab Alice PSG and portable studies
One common software platform and database, Sleepware G3, to manage studies from our in-lab PSG, Alice 6, and portable sleep testing devices, Alice NightOne and Alice PDx. Sleepware G3 is a robust platform with enhanced functionality to help busy sleep labs better meet their business and workflow needs, regardless of their lab size.

Dynamic workspaces to suit all users
Define an unlimited number of dynamic, time-synchronized workspaces to suit individual workflow preferences during acquisition, scoring and physician review. A workspace can be customized to meet staff member’s scoring styles and display needs.

Integrated computer-assisted Somnolyzer scoring
Somnolyzer is a clinically-validated, computer-assisted sleep scoring system designed to help simplify and improve sleep study scoring productivity, accuracy, and consistency. Somnolyzer has been show to reduce the amount of time spent on manual scoring by 50-80%. The results of a Somnolyzer-analyzed study will reveal an easy to understand Confidence Trend that is represented similar to a traffic light. The traffic light will direct a clinician to areas of the study requiring more careful attention. Somnolyzer is an optional feature of Sleepware G3, accessible with a per use license activation.

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