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Philips DreamMapper

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By giving patients greater insights into their therapy data and giving them tools like the ability to troubleshoot issues to common problems, DreamMapper can reduce the time your staff spends answering common questions giving you more time to manage those patients who may need extra attention.

Empower your patients
DreamMapper is our best sleep apnea engagement tool ever: - 58.3% more people used their therapy every night when they used DreamMapper. - 283.3% higher success rate for users struggling with adherence to sleep therapy.

Getting started is easy
We've made it convenient for you to communicate the benefits of DreamMapper to your patients. At the patient-specific website, patients can access information about DreamMapper and log-in directly to their account.

Therapy and compliance working together
Only DreamMapper works with our Encore compliance data management system solution to offer you a cohesive package of therapy and compliance solutions

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