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Philips Care Orchestrator

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Remotely monitor and manage all of your sleep apnea and respiratory patients with a single system. Care Orchestrator delivers actionable patient information directly to care teams – via smart phone, tablet, or PC. So everyone can work together to make fast, informed clinical decisions. Help identify which patients are at risk. And provide timely care to those who need it.

Conduct sleep and respiratory care in harmony
The number of people living with chronic sleep apnea and respiratory disease continues to grow. And so do the challenges of caring for them. Care Orchestrator is our breakthrough cloud-based application that connects homecare providers, physicians, and payers with patients – across the entire health continuum. It gives you the power and flexibility to remotely monitor and manage all of your sleep and respiratory patients.

Unite your billing systems/EMR/API
Care Orchestrator integrates sleep and respiratory patient information with hospital EMRs, insurance claims, and billing systems. So it’s fast and easy to access critical patient data and make informed clinical decisions. Plus, you can track and document patient behavior according to payer-specific rules.

Monitor and manage remotely
Anticipate and resolve most patient concerns via remote patient monitoring – to help save time and avoid unnecessary costly home visits. Use voice, text, or email to connect with sleep or respiratory patients who are having clinical, equipment or therapy adherence issues. And analyze the performance of Philips Respironics sleep and respiratory therapy devices.

Streamline the way you work
Simplify day-to-day operations and improve staff productivity with a single system for monitoring both sleep and respiratory patients. Share patient information with your entire care team. And access data on the go via smart phone, tablet, or PC to help coordinate care.

See the information you need in the format you choose
Thanks to its responsive design, Care Orchestrator automatically adapts to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Plus, it’s easy to use and fast to learn – with an intuitive interface designed to help you complete everyday tasks with fewer clicks and in less time.

Run your business your way
You make the rules with Care Orchestrator. Tailor adherence scores for sleep patients based on the requirements of different payers. Customize ventilation rules to identify patients who may need your assistance. Set parameters for alert management. You have the flexibility to do all this and more.

Respond to those who need you most
Care Orchestrator collects raw data from sleep and respiratory devices that you can use to create clinical notifications based on your patients’ specific health and usage information. So you can make informed decisions about which patients need your attention. And potentially avoid unnecessary home visits.

Protect patient data
Care Orchestrator is powered by Philips HealthSuite, our cloud-based innovation platform that enables informed, collaborative care across the health continuum. It securely collects, manages, and stores clinical data from Philips sleep and respiratory devices, EMRs, and other systems, while taking advantage of HealthSuite to protect the integrity of patient information.

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