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Disposable Razors
These razors feature a triple-coated blade treated with chromium for long life and a close comfortable shave. Ribbed handle offers patients a sure grip. Flip-off blade cover prevents unwanted cuts. Twin Blade
Disposable Lavette Bottle, 8oz
Disposable, 8-oz, plastic perineal cleansing bottle with screw top. Patient regulates water flow by simply lifting cap and turning. Lavette/Perineal Bottle.
Ear/Ulcer Syringe (2oz) (Case of 50)
Ear/Ulcer Syringe, 2 oz. The ear/ulcer syringe is ideal for irrigating smaller wounds and cleansing nasal passages of newborns. Case of 50.
Rectangular Wash Basins, 8qt
Equally accommodating for limb soaking. Rolled rim makes carrying easy and the soap dish accessory can be clipped on for added convenience. Plastic. 8-quart, 10" x 13 1/4" x 3 3/4" Mauve.
Pitchers w/ Handle and Lid
Plastic pitcher pours water while holding back ice and features pop-off tabs that let the user open it with a quick flick of the thumb. Clear lid. 1000 cc. Mauve.
Wash-Up Towelettes, Case of 1000
Antiseptic and Cleansing Towelettes. Benzalkonium chloride is a non-toxic and non-irritating antiseptic gentle enough to use everyday. It provides bactericidal and cleansing action for both hospital and personal use. Wash-Up Towelettes,...
Plastic Combs
These classic combs come in three sizes. Firm, but flexible teeth have both wide and narrow spacing.
Cotton-Tipped Applicators 6
Economical applicators come in two sizes and are available sterile and non-sterile. 6" Sterile, 2 per pack.
Large Cotton Balls, 1.25
Pure white cotton balls are made from highly-absorbent 100% bleached cotton. Soft, compact and uniform in size and weight, they will not come apart when saturated. Non-sterile. Non-Sterile ' Large, 1¼" diameter.
Shave Cream, 11oz
This gentle, non-irritating formula helps provide a comfortable, close shave. Clean citrus scent. 11 oz Can.
Sanitary Pad, Maxi, Non-Sterile (Case)
Maximum absorbency for increased confidence. Adhesive runs entire length of pad and on wings. Packaged in singles or in bulk for easy distribution. Individually wrapped. Non-sterile, 11". 12/bg.
Standard 2-Ply Facial Tissues (Case of 200 Boxes)
Standard 2-Ply Facial Tissues. Made from recycled paper. An economical choice for your facilities. Available in three box sizes to meet all needs. 2-ply, 5.7" x 7" 40 sheets/bx. 200 Boxes per Case.