Permobile M5 Corpus

Permobile M5 Corpus

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Want to navigate the downtown scene or explore the road less traveled? Wherever you’re looking to go, the Permobil M5 is built for your lifestyle. By fusing sleek design, unparalleled power and the FlexLink Pro dynamic suspension, each M5 delivers an outstanding level of performance and ride comfort. Perfect for every adventure!

Technical specifications:

Max. Speed: 7.5 mph
Range: 16 mi
Turn Radius: 21.5”
Battery: Group 24
Seat Widths: 17” – 23” (by 2” incr.)
Seat Depths: 14” – 22” (by 1” incr.)
Backrest Heights: 20”, 23” – 28” (by 1” incr.)
Ground Clearance: 3”
Base Width: 25"
Base Length: 37.5"
Weight: 300 lbs

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