Permobile K450 MX

Permobile K450 MX

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The all-wheel suspension system of the K450 MX provides a smooth ride, whether cruising the halls at school or heading out to the playground. The power seat-to-floor function lets children get down on the ground, perfect for story time, transfers and playing with others. The seat-to-floor height ranges from 3″ to 26,” making it easy to sit at a table or counter and even to reach things down low. Plus, the K450 MX features R-Net electronics and has an array of power functions, including: seat elevator, seat-to-floor and optional power tilt. The modular seating system has center mount adjustable legrests and comes with a free growth kit – something every kid needs.

Technical specifications:

Max. Speed: 5 MPH
Range: 17 mi/ 27 km
Turn Radius: 28"
Battery: Group 34
Seat Widths: 10", 12", 14", 16"/ 260, 310, 360, 410 mm
Seat Depths: 10" — 18"/ 260 — 460 mm
Backrest Heights: 14" — 22.5"/ 360 — 560 mm
Ground Clearance: 2.5"
Base Width: 25"
Base Length: 35"
Maximum User Weight: 125 lbs/ 60 kg

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