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Merits Two-Motor Semi-Electric Bed (Hi-low hand crank) B210

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Part Number: 7680
1. Reinforced head spring

2. Easy release motor mounts

3. Tent casters

4. Reinforced corner plates

5. Synchronization, split spring design

6. Pinch free design

7. Electronically controlled hand pendant

8. Composite bed ends

9. Components are compatible with most popular brands

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 204kg/ 450lb
Actuator: AC 115V, 2 Motor
Castor: 3" with brake
Bed Deck Type: Spring connection
Spring connection: PVC
Deck Height Min: 41cm/ 16in
Deck Height Max: 62cm/ 24.5in
Adjustbale Angle (Head): 0~75°
Adjustbale Angle (Foot): n/a
Color: Brown
Outside Dimension: 91*224*41~62cm/ 36*88*16~24.5in

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