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Merits Tricycle Type Electric Scooter S637

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Part Number: 7697
1. Retro bicycle inspired look

2. Exposed frame structure and seat color

3. Compact vehicle for easy operation

4. Swivel and sliding fish-on seat

5. Quick-release battery box

6. Optional charging base for indoor use

7. Folding backrest

8. LED front lighting for better visibility

9. Cane holder

10. Oxygen holder

11. Rearview mirror

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 100kg/ 220lb
Max. Speed: 6.4kph/ 4mph
Range: 24km/ 15mi.
Turn Radius: 124cm/ 48.8"
Ground Clearance: 7.9cm/ 3.1"
Motor: DC 24V, 250W(Rating)
Controller: DS 90 (Rhino 2)
Battery: 12V/ 22AH x 2pcs
Charger: 3A off-board
Gradient: 8°
Front Wheel: 16"
Rear Wheel: 12"
Brake: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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