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Merits Stylish Maxi 4-Wheeled Electric Scooter S148

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1. Stylish two tone rear shroud

2. Full lighting package with active brake lights

3. Four wheels suspension system provides a very comfortable ride

4. Swivel, reclining and adjustable height with sliding depth captain seat

5. Automatic safety turning half speed control by sensor

6. Half speed control pre-sitting on the upper dash board provides safety

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 159kg/ 350lb
Max. Speed: 12kph/ 7.5mph
Range: 40km/ 25mi.
Turn Radius: 148cm/ 57"
Ground Clearance: 10cm/ 4"
Motor: DC 24V, 400W(Rating)/ 1750W(Max)
Controller: Dynamic Rhino 2 120A
Battery: 12V/ 50AH x 2pcs
Charger: 5A off-board
Gradient: 10°
Front Wheel: 12"(4.00-5) pneumatic tire
Rear Wheel: 12"(4.00-5) pneumatic tire
Brake: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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