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Merits Pro. Tennis & Badminton Wheelchair L802T

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1. The sturdy rigid frame wheelchair design is consulted with professional players

2. Two front casters stretch forward and outward for better stability when player stretches forward to save ball

3. Two removable anti-tippers stretch backward (200mm) and outward for better stability when the player strikes the ball on backswing right or left side

4. Narrow calf spacing (between two calf pads) version is available for special needs (optional)

5. 24”/ 25”/ 26” x 1” light spoke wheels help to raise the seat height up to 530mm

6. Drive wheel center is moved 135mm forward to close the center of gravity of player. 18°camber of wheels and 8° of seat rake angle make the wheelchair performance unparalleled

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 120kg/ 265lb
Seat Width: 3/35.5/38/40.5/43/ 45.5/48cm
Item Weight: 12kg/ 26lb
Castor: 3"
Rear Wheel: 26” x 1”
Armrest: fixed
Footrest: length adjustable
Backrest: height adjustable
Dimension: 100.5 x [seat width + 55] x 67.5-77.5cm

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