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Merits Pro. Basketball Wheelchair L802B

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Part Number: 7623
1. Rugged frame with 18° cambered wheels, make it quick turn smoothly and stable on the court

2. 24”/ 25”/ 26” light spoke wheels help to raise the seat height

3. Height adjustable fifth wheel with 3" castor to help pitching the ball

4. Tension adjustable, water repellent nylon seat and backrest

5. Back height adjustable 200/300mm to fit personal support

6. Footrest length extendable with four sizes settings

7. Optional black rear wheels

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 120kg/ 265lb
Seat Width: 33/35.5/38/40.5/43/45.5cm
Item Weight: 12kg/ 26lb
Castor: 3"
Rear Wheel: 26” x 1”
Armrest: fixed
Footrest: length adjustable
Backrest: height adjustable
Dimension: 85.5/87/88.5 x [seat width + 53] x 65.5-78cm

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