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Merits Power Pack for Manual Wheelchair P001E

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1. Twin-wheel design with 136kg/ 300lbs weight capacity and much greater traction on grass and gravel

2. Easy attachment: attaches to any wheelchair, fully attendant control, making pushing any wheelchair simple and easy

3. With speeds up to 5 kph/ 3.1 mph and a range of up to 16km/ 10 miles, there is more than enough capacity for most days out

4. Convenient forward and reverse direction switch

5. Portable: lightweight for easy transport, packs neatly into a travel bag and enables the extra mobility anywhere

6. Brand new design, display and dashboard on the top, easy to read

7. Added battery gauge and horn

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 136kg/ 300lb
Item Weight: 14kg/ 31lb
Dimension: 29.5x19.5x31cm

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