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Merits Perching Stool

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F300 F301 with Arms F310 with Arms and Backrest F311 with Arms and Padded Backrest 1. Multi-purpose, available as a seat,with arms or with arms and a padded backers makes sitting down and getting up easy, enabling the user to "perch" while carrying out daily tasks

2. Padded seat for extra comfort and support

3. Manufactured with white power coated steel for an attactive,durable finish

4. Non-slip rubber feet provide additional stability

5. Adjustable height to accommodate most indivduals

6. 2/CTN

Technical specifications:

Seat width: 37cm/ 15in
Seat depth: 28cm/ 11in
Seat height: 56-71cm/ 22-28in
Weight capacity: 125kg/ 275lb

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