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Merits One-Motor Semi-Electric Bed B211

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Part Number: 7681
1. Strongest base frame in the industry

2. More motor clearance between motor and bed frame

3. Reinforced head section

4. Pivot points use self wrenching nut system

5. Bed ends with composite panels

6. Universal Hi-Lo rodSingle motor lifts head and foot

7. Split Spring Design

8. Easy assembly with motor & electronics fully removable for easy cleaning of frame

9. Trendelenberg & reverse Trendelenberg position capable

10. Easy to use hand pendant for head or foot adjustment

11. In case of a power failure head and foot section can by lowered by inserting a 9V battery on to the motor via simple connection

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 204kg/ 450lb
Actuator: AC 115V/ 230V, Dual-Motor-DC
Castor: 3" with brake
Bed Deck Type: Spring connection
Spring connection: PVC
Deck Height Min: 38cm/ 15in
Deck Height Max: 58cm/ 23in
Adjustbale Angle (Head): 0~60°
Adjustbale Angle (Foot): 0~39°
Color: Brown
Outside Dimension: 91*224*38~58cm/ 36*88*15~23in

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