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Merits Multi-adjustable Power Wheelchair P200

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1. Swing-in-out footrests

2. Adjustable angle seat and back

3. Adjustable height and width arms

4. Wide armpad for batter arm support

5. Backrest folds down for transport and storage

6. Rear suspension for rough terrain

7. Easily removed battery box-tools free

8. Heaviest part only 18KG (main chassis)

9. Optional lighting system and elevation legrest

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 136kg/ 300lb
Max. Speed: 7.2kph/ 4.5mph
Range: 40km/ 25mi
Turn Radius: 61cm/ 24"
Ground Clearance: 10cm/ 4"
Motor: DC 24V, 180W(Rating)/ 630W(Max)
Controller: PG VSI 50
Battery: 12V/ 22NF x 2pcs
Charger: 5A off-board
Gradient: 12°(250lb)/ 10°(300lb)
Caster: 9"(2.8/2.5-4) foam filled tire
Drive Wheel: 14"(3.00-8) foam filled tire
Brake: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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