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Merits Lightweight Highly Adjustable Wheelchair L407

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Part Number: 7643
1. High strength lightweight aluminum alloy frame structure

2. Multiple seat height and depth option to suit different positioning needs

3. 24" x 1" light spoke wheels and aluminum handrims with quick release axle

4. Tension adjustable, water resistance nylon seat rest and backrest

5. Flip up, detachable armrests. Optional height adjustable armrests

6. Swing in-out detachable footrests

7. Optional folding backrest mechanism for compact storage

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 114kg/ 250lb
Seat Width: 38-51cm/ 15-20in
Item Weight: 15kg/ 33lb
Castor: 8" x 1"
Rear Wheel: 24” x 1-3/8”
Armrest: detachable, flip up
Footrest: length adjustable, detachable, swing in & out
Backrest: foldable
Dimension: 110x63x96cm

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