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Merits Knee Walker

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1. Stylish design with concave kee pad for better riding

2. Forldable frame with steel tube with powder coating for easy storage

3. Knee cushion with anti-germ cover and 70mm pad thickness for comfortable use and convenient cleaning

4. With loop brake and parking brake function for more safety

5. 8" front & rear PU wheels

6. Handle height and knee cushion height adjustable

Technical specifications:

Length: 100cm/ 39in
Width: 50cm/ 19.7in
Height: 81-102cm/ 34-40in
Knee cushion height: 48-66cm/ 18.9-26in
Knee cushion thickness: 70cm/ 27.6in
Weight: 10.6kg/ 23.3lb
Weight capacity: 110kg/ 242lb

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