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Merits Heavy Duty Folding Power Wheelchair P181

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Part Number: 7607
1. Reinforced frame with double cross braces provide a sturdy support for heavy users

2. Folding battery tray allows improved pportability

3. Programmable controller with a wide range of selections to suit the needs and demands of different users

4. Height-adjustable flip-up desk armrests and swing away footrests enable users easier access to objects

5. Auxiliary brakes offer extra safety

6. Optional pneumatic casters and drive wheels

7. Limited lifetime warranty on frame

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 204kg/ 450lb
Max. Speed: 6.4kph/ 4mph
Range: 40km/ 25mi
Turn Radius: 64cm/ 25"
Ground Clearance: 12cm/ 4.8"
Motor: DC 24V, 240W, 2P(Rating) / 950W(Max)
Controller: PG VSI 70
Battery: 12V/ 22NF x 2pcs
Charger: 5A off-board
Caster: 8"(200x50) foam filled tire
Drive Wheel: 12-1/2" X 2-1/4" foam filled tire
Brake: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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