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Merits Heavy Duty Bath Bench (without Back)

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Part Number: 7780
1. 500lbs weight capacity

2. Aluminum construction in light weight and corrosion free

3. Cross brace to enhance the stability during sitting

4. Blow molded bench and back provide comfort and strength

5. Drainage height in seat reduce slipping

6. Adjustable height legs, range 14" ~ 20"

7. Limited Lifetime Warranty

8. Assembled 2/CTN

Technical specifications:

Seat width: 51cm/ 20in
Seat depth: 30cm/ 12in
Seat height: 36-51cm/ 14-20in
Overall width: 43cm/ 17in
Overall depth: 38cm/ 15in
Overall height: 38-53cm/ 15-21in
Weight: 2.4kg/ 5.3lb
Weight capacity: 227kg/ 500lb

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