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Merits Full Electric European Classic Bed B312

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Part Number: 7686
1. Heavy duty steel frame

2. High and low adjustment height

3. Backrest and knee brake can be operated automatically and independently of each other

4. Four position mattress support(Multi-Adjustable)

5. Two independent drop down rails

6. Natural beech finish

7. Easy to use control unit

8. Fully adjustable backrest

9. 4 casters with brakes

10. Patient helper with adjustable trapeze handle (left or right side locators)

11. Angle adjustable back section: 0º~75º

12. Angle adjustable foot section: 0º~25º

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 175kg/ 385lb
Actuator: AC 115V/ 230V, 4 Motor-DC
Castor: 4" with brake
Bed Deck Type: Wire mesh welded
Spring connection: Wooden
Deck Height Min: 39cm/ 16in
Deck Height Max: 80cm/ 32in
Adjustbale Angle (Head): 0~75°
Adjustbale Angle (Foot): 0~25°
Color: Cream
Outside Dimension: 104*215*39~80cm/ 41*85*16~32in

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