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Merits Full Electric Bed B310

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Part Number: 7682
1. Quiet, smooth operation and easy to set up

2. Channel frame construction provides superior strength and reduced weight

3. The easy-to-use hand pendant electrically controls the positioning of the upper body and knee sections of the bed frame to provide maximum comfort and convenience for the patient or caregiver

4. Four-brake castors to make the bed very easy to maneuver

5. Angle adjustable back section: 0º~75º

6. Angle adjustable foot section: 0º~25º

7. Full electric operated by hand pendant electric controller

8. Power high-low positions

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 204kg/ 450lb
Actuator: AC 115V, 3 Motor
Castor: 3" with brake
Bed Deck Type: Spring connection
Spring connection: PVC
Deck Height Min: 38cm/ 15in
Deck Height Max: 58cm/ 23in
Adjustbale Angle (Head): 0~75°
Adjustbale Angle (Foot): 0~25°
Color: Brown
Outside Dimension: 91*224*38~58cm/ 36*88*15~23in

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