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Merits Detachable Footrest Active Wheelchair Folding Frame L813

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Part Number: 7634
1. High active wheelchair with folding frame to save storage space

2. Tension height adjustable backrest and stretched seat of water repellent nylon fabrics

3. Adjustable footrest extension with five length settings

4. Dual crossbars for better frame strength and rigidity

5. 24” x 1” (STD) / 22” x 1”, 25” x 1” (optional) light spoke rear wheels with aluminum handrims and quick release axles

6. Seat height adjustable and caster mounting angle adjustable

7. Various choices of seat width/ depth/ height and back height, wheel camber to fit rider well for optimal driving

8. Comes with 2 straps: pelvis and ankles straps

9. 4” casters (STD); 3”, 5”, 6” (optional)

10. Rear anti-tippers and cane holder optional

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 120kg/ 265lb
Seat Width: 35.5/38/40.5/43/45.5/48cm
Item Weight: 11kg/ 24lb
Castor: 4"
Rear Wheel: 24" x 1"
Footrest: detachable, swing in & out, length adjustable
Backrest: height adjustable
Dimension: 90 x [seat width + 15] x 68.3cm

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