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Merits Detachable Aluminium Commode

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1. Detachable commode

2. Easy detachable and assemble

3. Folds flat for convenient storage and transportation

4. Durable plastic snap on seat and lid

5. Grey powder coated steel welded construction increases strength and durability

6. Armrest design provides added comfort

7. Comes complete with commode bucket, cover and splash shield

8. Assembled 1/CTN

Technical specifications:

Seat width: 36cm/ 14in
Seat depth: 38cm/ 15in
Seat height: 46-61cm/ 18-24in
Width between arms: 46cm/ 18in
Outside width: 64cm/ 25in
Height: 66-81cm/ 26-32in
Weight: 5kg/ 11lb
Weight capacity: 136kg/ 300lb

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