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Merits Deluxe Ultra Strength Lightweight Tri-Axles L223

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Part Number: 7638
1. Adjustable back height (2")

2. Tri-axles for converting to hemi-height wheelchair

3. Easy assembly and disassembly of backrest

4. Height adjustable flip up desk arms with padded armrest

5. Height adjustable swingaway footrests with heel loops

6. Latex free handgrips

7. Colors available: Silver or other colors

8. Seat cushion is optional

9. Limited lifetime warranty on frame

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 114kg/ 250lb
Seat Width: 16", 18", 20"
Item Weight: 14.5kg/ 32lb
Castor: 8" x 1"
Rear Wheel: 24" x 1"
Armrest: height adjustable, flip-up, desk
Footrest: IV, detachable, length adjustable, swing away
Backrest: height adjustable
Dimension: 81x66x94cm

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