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Merits Bariatric Wheelchair M472

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Part Number: 7652
1. Chrome handrims standard

2. Detachable desk armrests, optional full armrests

3. Detachable swing away footrests, optional elevating legrests

4. Oversized footplates with calf strap for more comfort

5. Nylon seat and back upholsteries, alternate vinyl ones

6. 8" x 1" solid tyred casters with heavy-duty forks

7. Optional 24" x 1" solid tyred molded Mag. wheels, alternative pneumatic tires

8. Limited lifetime warranty on frame

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 184kg/ 400lb
Seat Width: 20", 22", 24"
Item Weight: 24-26kg/ 53-57lb
Castor: 8" x 1"
Rear Wheel: 24" x 1"
Armrest: detachable, desk
Footrest: E&J, detachable, swing Away
Backrest: fixed
Dimension: 107x68x92cm

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