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Merits 4-Wheeled Elegant Electric Scooter S946

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1. Elegant stylish designed shroud

2. LCD dashboard display battery gauge, speed, temperature, time and maintenance reminder

3. LED lighting delivers more illumination using less power

4. New generation LCD dashboard screen for better viewing under sun glare

5. Extended legroom space for more comfort

6. Extra storage space and shopping bag hook

7. Additional lockable storage drawer under seat

Technical specifications:

Weight Capacity: 136kg/ 300lb
Max. Speed: 8kph / 5mph
Range: 40km/ 25mi.
Turn Radius: 143cm/ 56.3"
Ground Clearance: 10cm/ 3.9"
Motor: DC 24V, 210W (Rating) / 715W(Max)
Controller: 90A
Battery: 22AH x 4pcs
Charger: 4A off-board
Gradient: 12°
Front Wheel: 10"
Rear Wheel: 10"
Brake: intelligent, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes

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