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Zip Lock Specimen Bags
With a zip closure and additional document pouch.
Jazzy Select 6
Power Wheelchair
Karman KW-100 Luxury Lightweight 4-Wheeled Knee Walker w/ Basket
*Tool free adjustable handle height *Padded cushion for knee *Basket included
Karman R-3600 3 Wheel Rollator with Large 8
*Tool free adjustable handle height *Basket, tray, and bag included *Easy to lock brakes
Karman R-4100 Low Seat  Rollator with Loop Brakes, Padded Seat, and Basket
*Low seat walker *6 inch casters *Easy to lock brakes
Karman R-4100 Low Seat Junior Narrow Rollator with Loop Brakes, Padded Seat, and Basket
Karman R-4600 Lightweight Standard Rollator with Padded Seat and Backrest
*Basket and padded backrest included *Easy to use loop brakes *6 inch casters
Karman R-4602-T Rollator and Transport Combo with Flip-up Footplate and Padded Seat
*Transport chair and rollator combo *Padded backrest *Basket and padded seat
Karman R-4608 Lightweight Rollator with Large 8
*Large 8 inch casters *Padded backrest and seat *Basket included
Karman R-4700 Extra Wide Bariatric Rollator with Padded Flip-down Seat, Steel, 24 lbs.
*Large 8 inch casters *Heavy duty steel frame *400 pound capacity
Karman R-4800 Extra Wide Lightweight Rollator, Aluminum, 20 lbs.
*Large 8 inch casters *Heavy duty aluminum frame *400 pound capacity
Afikim Breeze S 3-Wheel Scooter w/ optional Wide Seat and Golf Wheels
Breeze S 3 offering enhanced driving experience with special attention to human engineering and an outstanding design. Highest levels of maneuverability in the New Breeze S three-wheel delivers the optimum experience in both urban and rural environments.