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Protection Plus Undergarments w/ button belt (one size fits all) (Case of 120)
Discreet and comfortable, the thin design creates less bulk under clothing. Super-absorbent polymer improves dryness, containment and skin care. Extra-wide belts are secure and comfortable. Cloth-like outer cover is comfortable against skin, helping...
Premium Incontinence Pant, Medium/Large, 20-60in (Bag of 5)
Premium Incontinence Pant, XL, 45-70in
Seamless and versatile, these premium knit pants can withstand...
Maternity Knit UnderPants (Case of 1000)
Seamless, eliminates seams pressing into skin and lines under clothes...
Premium Knit Pants, 2XL (Bag of 5)
Medline Premium Knit Incontinence Underpants are seamless and versatile...
Premium Hip Protector
Protect against hip injuries from falls...