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Sani-Cloth Plus Germicidal Wipes
These disposable non-woven pre-moistened cloth towelettes clean and disinfect environmental hard surfaces and instruments. Effective against a wide range of organisms, including HIV-1 (AIDS virus) and staphylococcus. Sani-Cloth Plus features a low...
Sani-Cloth Super Germicidal Wipes, Individually Wrapped (Box of 50)
Sani-Cloth Super Germicidal Wipes, Individually Wrapped
Epi-Clenz Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes
Wipes are an easy-to-use antiseptic handwash Gentle on skin Recommended for repeated use Each wipe is enriched with soothing moisturizers, aloe and vitamin E
Fluid Clean-Up Kits
Everything you need to contain spills and decontaminate hard surfaces....
Dispatch Hospital Cleaner Disinfectant with Bleach
The bleach concentration of Dispatch is equivalent to the CDC's recommended strength...