Immedia WiseMover

Immedia WiseMover

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In-bed positioning for hospital environment
Immedia WiseMover is a specially developed in-bed solution for bedridden users that require ­frequent positioning and transfer, for instance users in an ICU environment. WiseMover stays fixed to the bed; the slide sheets are folded away in the case at the head end and are folded in and out under the user when required. When rolled out under the user it can be used for turning, positioning and horizontal transfer. It also facilitates inserting an x-ray cassette when the user needs to stay in bed.

Intended Use
The Immedia WiseMover is used for turning and positioning and to minimise friction under the pressure points. It can be used for horizontal transfer and to inserting x-ray cassette or lifting sling.

Width x Length -85 x 200 cm
Maximum user weight -300 kg
Surface: Nylon
Strap: polyester
Cover: Nylon med polyurethan surface

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