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EZ-ACCESSS TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift

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The TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift from EZ-ACCESS is the perfect solution for those needing assistance in the bathroom while using the toilet. You can experience both comfort and safety with the TILT Toilet Incline Lift, which combines the functionality of a heavy duty commode and a lift chair into one easy-to-use bathroom safety solution. The TILT is equipped with a companion control allowing the user or caregiver to easily operate the seat with the push of a button. The TILT’s frame and assembly is protected by a plastic shield, which can easily be removed to be cleaned.

The TILT is designed for quick, simple installation and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Product Features

Lightweight Design
The entire unit weighs just 34 pounds.

Easy Installation
You can install the TILT™ in as little as 15 minutes.

Non-Slip Hand Grips
Allows users to gain a secure grip while the seat raises and lowers.

Compatible with Multiple Bowl Heights
Fits with bowl heights ranging from 14" to 21".

Fits Users of Varying Height
The TILT™ can accommodate individuals ranging in height from 5'2" to 6'4".

Increased Stability
The unit attaches directly to the bowl and allows the user to move 7-1/2" forward for improved balance.

Easy Cleaning
Assembly is protected by a plastic shield, which can easily be removed for cleaning.

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