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DonJoy Shoulder Therapy Kit

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A simple and affordable solution to Shoulder Rehabilitation
The Shoulder Therapy Kit is a great kit for in-home use and for those who travel a lot. If you suffer from rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder bursitis, shoulder dislocation or are rehabilitating from shoulder surgery, this kit has everything you will need to get your shoulder back in tip, top shape.

This Shoulder Therapy Kit includes everything a patient needs to start a home rehabilitation program for their injured shoulder:
• ShoulderWand™- a collapsible, lightweight and portable reaching and stretching wand.
• RangeMaster™ - Overhead Shoulder Pulley system with a metal bracket that fits over the top of any door.
• RangeMaster ShoulderFit™ - latex free resistance cord, plastic handle and the Thera-Loop™ webbing door anchor.
• Exercise Manual – jumbo, flip-chart exercise guide
• All packaged in a nice DonJoy Travel Bag!

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