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Doggy-Shaped Nebulizer

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DobbyNeb is our adorable, kid-friendly nebulizer...
Part Number: HCSDOGNEB
DobbyNeb is our adorable, kid-friendly nebulizer. High quality and durability helps reassure parents of safe and effective aerosol treatments. Medline's DoggyNeb nebulizer comes with two masks (pediatric and adult), pacifier mouthpiece and a grab-n-go backpack. Method of nebulization: dry piston compressor. Operating voltage: 120V/60Hz. Maximum jet nebulizer capacity: 10 ml. Sound noise level: = 60 dBa. Nebulization rate: 0.17 ml or greater. Operating air flow: 5-8 LPM. Maximum pressure: = 29 PSI. Weight: 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg). Device dimensions: 6.8" x 5.0" x 9.7" (173 mm x 127 mm x 246 mm). Operating temperature and humidity: 50 F to 104 F, up to 95% RH.

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