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Broda 785C Elite Tilt Recliner

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Semi-Recline Option with Contracture Sling.

The Broda Elite chairs now offer a choice of either seat or base mounted arms. (Seat mounted arms tilt with the seat. Base mounted arms maintain a fixed angle when seat is tilted) This new option allows the Elite models to offer even more versatility in positioning.

The Broda Elite Chair, model 785C (Semi recliner), is a superior repositioning chair that provides exceptional resident comfort while reducing the time and effort required of caregivers.

It is ideal for use in long-term care and acute-care facilities for:

  • Residents requiring medium to heavy levels of nursing care.
  • Severe agitation and involuntary movement.
  • Residents with knee contractures

This tilt-in-space chair has up to 40° of infinitely adjustable seat tilt and 45° of infinitely-adjustable back recline, which makes containment issues and upper body positioning problems become a thing of the past.

You can also accommodate hyperextension, change incontinence products without transferring from the chair, or achieve a true Trendelenburg position. The removable swing-away armrests are individually height adjustable, with push-pin height adjustment.

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