About Us

Boston Orthopedic & Respiratory Equipment, LLC is a leading company of healthcare Mobility and Bathroom Safety products, conveniently located in the greater Boston area. Started in 2010 as a family owned and operated business, we have been committed to providing quality homecare products as a means of promoting a healthy and independent lifestyle to patients and corporate clients.
B.O.R.E.'s commitment to our customers begins by distributing each product with the highest quality standards. Our commitment continues for the life of the product with caring and professional customer support, providing clients with comprehensive instructions, consistently maintained equipment and warranty.
Our organization offers high quality patient and family centered care in the office and client's place of residence.  We are also dedicated to the provision of high standard quality goods and medical equipment, including but not limited to mobility, home bath, respiratory, and orthotic. We provide patients and clients with comprehensive instructions, professional equipment/supply maintenance, including but not limited to fixture and rental.
We are focusing on complete and individual healthcare needs of each patient and client, ensuring their safety, comfortable environment and social support system.
Our organization is committed to improving the welfare of every client by providing durable medical equipment for occupational and home use activities. We respect each individual's rights and needs for self-determination while ensuring patient's participation in healthcare choices and decisions.
B.O.R.E. is dedicated to providing patients, staff members and the community with the highest quality products and services as well as home healthcare education. 
  • Manual Wheelchair: A manual chair may be the best fit. There are lightweight and bariatric chairs. Many options and accessories are available.
  • Scooter (POV): A scooter is a good option for the mobility-challenged who are active outside the home. Indoor and outdoor travel ready, handling a maximum incline 8 degrees and feature a 7-12 mile travel capacity, with speed range of 0-5 MPH. We carry models with 200-500 LB weight capacity.
  • Walker/Rollator: May be a good alternative to a cane. The added stability may be all that is needed to help perform daily tasks.
  • Knee Cruiser: Excellent mobility device for foot or ankle injuries, when affected area cannot bear weight, or has limited weight bearing precautions. It can be a great long or short term alternative to crutches or folding walkers that can have adverse effects such as back or under arm pain from extended use.